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Back in 1974, corruption and lies were running rampant in the streets. To put an end to this corruption, one man was put in charge of the team that was given this job. That man is of no relation to me.

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Greetings, and welcome to my blog. I am the main person who operates this blog. Ok, I'm the only person who operates this blog. But I was trying to sound professional. Anyways, this blog's really about nothing. Just my thoughts on whatever comes to my mind. Hope it doesn't suck. Haha.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Walkin' 'Round Like You're Pretty Boy Floyd.

Hi. This is another one of those blogs in which I constantly ramble about absolutely nothing whatsoever. It'll be fun. Like an adventure. Except we aren't necessarily going anywhere, so I guess it isn't technically an adventure, but if you close your eyes............screw it. It's not an adventure at all. Haha. But whatevs. I'm going to ramble.

So, probably not a big deal to anybody but me, but my family is getting another car today. Super pumped on that. Why, you ask? Well, long story short, ever since I've gotten my license, my family and I have been sharing our vehicle, a 1996 Chevy Blazer. Nice car. Well, not nice compared to, say, a Lamborghini, but it runs and has a radio.

Damn it.

Anyways, we received a substantial tax check, so my mom has decided to purchase a BRAND NEW CAR! A Dodge Neon, to be precise. And the significance of this to me is this: I get my own car. Before, I had to plan around whether my parents needed to use the car or not, but not anymore. I can essentially go wherever I want whenever I want now. Well, as long as I'm not working or going to school, obviously. And as long as I've got the gas to do so. But besides that, I'm good. And I'm super ecstatic about this because lately I've been wanting to get out of the house more often than I have, which if you've read my blogs, you likely knew, but now I can, and frankly, it's very exciting.

Anyways, enough about that. I should ramble more, but I can't think of anything.


Nope, nothing. My mind = bagel. Just nothing else. Felt like getting that off of my chest, I suppose.

B bak l8r


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