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Back in 1974, corruption and lies were running rampant in the streets. To put an end to this corruption, one man was put in charge of the team that was given this job. That man is of no relation to me.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Kid A, Kid A.

I probably could've thrown this in with my last blog, but I figured I would split it up into two different blogs. Alright? Alright! So, last night, as I said, I went and hung out with friends, which I greatly enjoyed. You knew that. Anyways, after I hung out for a while, I debated on heading home, considering it was about 2 in the morning and all. Well, I decided to drive around for a bit, and it was a pretty surreal thing to do, not going to lie. I don't know what it is. I guess it's the feeling of freedom and being able to drive and how there's nobody around except for you and the road. I can't precisely explain it. It's a great stress reliever, actually. Which I suppose doesn't really seem to make sense, considering it's just me driving around at night in a small town, but regardless, it's definitely a tremendous feeling, and I would completely be up for doing it again. It's just not comparable to driving around a bigger city like.........New York City? Yeah, it's a big city. I wasn't doubting it was, I just wanted to think of a better example. Oh well.

Plus I was driving home to We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, so that probably helped the whole "epicness" of what occured.

Anyways, I just felt like sharing that. Bye for now!


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