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Thursday, September 17, 2009


(Note: this blog may not make sense to you if you aren't a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins. :P)

So, in all honesty, I haven't been a Pumpkins fan for very long. I only really became a fan when I heard Cherub Rock was going to be on Guitar Hero. Then I went out and bought Zeitgeist and their Greatest Hits (alright, I didn't buy them. They were given to me for Christmas). I fell in love with these guys (well, 3 guys and 1 girl). I'm not sure what drew me to them. Maybe it was their singer's weird voice. I'm not sure, but I was a fan instantly. And over the last two years, I've been a fan, going through their ups, such as releasing more new songs and a live DVD, which I bought, an their downs, such as their longtime drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin, leaving the band. Through all of the change and everything that's happened.

First off, I heard that they had hired a 19 year old drummer to replace my drumming idol, Mr. Chamberlin, and understandably, I was skeptical. However, Billy Corgan of the Pumpkins and new drummer, Mike Byrne, formed a tribute band for recently deceased Sky Saxon with numerous other musicians, called Spirits in the Sky, and I began to appreciate the drumming abilities of Mr. Byrne. Sure, he was no Jimmy frickin' Chamberlin, but he's still an insanely good drummer and I'm excited to hear what he has in store for the Pumpkins. Along with all of this news of a new band member for the Pumpkins, there was an announcement of a new album, and frankly, I was pumped. Then yesterday, more information about the new album came.

From SmashingPumpkins.com:

I'm happy to finally announce the plans for the new Smashing Pumpkins album.

Recording began yesterday, September 15th, 2009 on the new record which will be entitled 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope'. The album will feature 44 songs, 4 of which are now being recorded. My desire is to release a song at a time beginning around Halloween of this year, with each new release coming shortly after until all 44 are out. Each song will be made available absolutely for free, to anyone anywhere. There will be no strings attached. Free will mean free, which means you won't have to sign up for anything, give an email address, or jump through a hoop. You will be able to go and take the song or songs as you wish, as many times as you wish.

We will however sell highly limited edition EP's (of 4 songs each times 11), and details of how those EP's will be made available are still being worked out. Because the songs themselves will be free, the EP's will be more like collectors items for the discerning fan who will want the art itself, along with the highest possible audio quality available. The EP's will be more like mini-box sets rather than your normal cd single. We may also offer other variations for sale, say for example a digital single with a demo version of a song. The commitment that is most important is the one I'm making to you: that the music of 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope' will be available for free to everyone. All 44 songs: free for ALL.

When the entire album is finished, it will be compiled into a deluxe box set which will also be made available for sale. Those who have bought the EP's need not worry, as the box set will not be a recompilation of the limited edition pieces.

The story of the album is based on 'The Fool's Journey', as signified in the progress of the Tarot. It is my intention to approach this by breaking down the journey of our life here into four phases as made by these different characters; the Child, the Fool, the Skeptic, and the Mystic.

The music of 'Teargarden by Kaleidyscope' harkens back to the original psychedelic roots of The Smashing Pumpkins: atmospheric, melodic, heavy, and pretty.

I already have 53 songs written for the record, so I am quite confident that I already have much of the material that I would need to undertake such an extensive project. I am very committed to seeing this album through to its completion and very, very excited about the prospect of delivering new Smashing Pumpkins music to you in a unique and exciting way.

When I read that article yesterday, I was unbelievably pumped. Not only is my favorite band working on a new album, but they're releasing it for free on the internet. Fantastic! I may even buy this so called box set, if I have the money. Who knows? All I know is that I'm absolutely pumped about new Pumpkins music, and I can't wait until around Halloween, when the first songs are released.

All this being said, what a random ass album title: Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. What in the eff? Nonetheless, I'm still excited, and as long as the music's great, I don't mind.

After all, it is free.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Day of A High School Graduate.

So, yeah. Here's that blog I promised you about the day in the life of a high school graduate. :D

Around 2 or 3 in the morning, I decide that maybe I should consider going to sleep. Eventually I do go to bed, growing bored of the music I listen to. Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, the Strokes, Oasis, Joy Division, The Smiths, Death Cab, Coldplay, and Snow Patrol, along with any of the numerous other bands I listen to, I love you guys, but at 3:30 in the morning, I should be sleeping. Damn it.

So, after going to sleep around 3 in the morning, I wake up around noon. Every day. It never fails. I cannot wake up earlier than noon and I can't sleep later than a little after noon. It's a pretty scientific thing, I imagine. Anyways, I wake up and get on the computer before eventually deciding to take a shower. After my shower, I get dressed and proceed to get on the computer yet again. After a couple hours of computing, I have dinner with my family. Or food from a fast food place before I go to class. Whichever.

After food, I go to class, where I sit in a room full of strangers and learn about subjects such as Public Speaking and Sociology. Strange as it may sound, it's not that bad. When class ends (if I'm lucky it ends early), then I go back home and, yep. You guessed it: get back on the computer.

So, after blogging about my daily routine, I realize that damn! I am an incredibly boring. Hopefully this is more fun to read than it is for me to experience on a daily basis.


Are We Human or Are We Dancer?

Greetings again. Good to see you've returned. Hopefully. Or not. :( Whichever. I suppose if no one reads this, I'll just continue shouting into the wind and hope someone hears me. Terrible analogy. Anyways, what is this blog even about? As I said in the first post (remember that? :D), this blog really has no point. It's just a way for me to get out my thoughts on random subjects, and to vent about stuff that's been bothering me. Well, not necessarily "bothering" me, but stuff that's been on my mind and all that. So yeah, this blog's kinda pointless, really, to anybody but me and perhaps people who don't know me all that well. And even to people that do. Well, I guess that would include everybody. But whatever! Haha.

Anywho, also as stated earlier, I graduated high school in May of this year. It was fantastic. Most people wonder what the "life of a high school graduate" has in store. Do you have to carry your high school diploma everywhere? Do you move out the day of your open house? Can you cook Spaghetti O's in the oven? All of these questions are brought up when a student graduates high school. Well, not necessarily, but that's besides the point.

So, later tonight, I will post a blog about the "life of a high school graduate". Which is what I'm living. It'll be like a journal, so to speak, of my day overall. Should be fun. Hope you enjoy it.

Much love.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TGI Friday's?

Well, I realize my last blog was kinda depressing and not that happy (which would be depressing, but whatever), so I figured that I would bring a more lighthearted and hopefully somewhat amusing blog to this site. Hope you enjoy it.

Now, you're probably wondering "what in the hell is up with the random title?" Well, it's not a random title, first of all. I actually will be discussing TGI Friday's in this blog. A rather trivial subject to discuss, indeed, but anyways, I digress.

This likely leads to your second question: "what about TGI Friday's?" Well, allow this article to explain, courtesy of RedOrbit.com:

CARROLLTON, Texas, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- T.G.I. Friday's restaurants, in a friendly bet with its self-proclaimed #1 fan, has agreed to let "Woody" give away either a Jack Daniel's(R) Burger or a Jack Daniel's(R) Chicken Sandwich to the first 500,000 people who become his fan on Facebook (www.facebook.com/fanwoody) prior to September 30, 2009 if he reaches the 500,000 fan mark. Fans must register with an email address in order to receive a coupon.

"With millions of T.G.I. Friday's fans, it's not easy to determine Friday's #1 Fan. Woody says he's the one and we're going to let him prove it," said Andrew Jordan, senior vice president of marketing for T.G.I. Friday's. "Every day, Woody finds a reason to celebrate. He makes life a party, which makes him a perfect fit for T.G.I. Friday's. He says he can get half a million Facebook fans in 30 days. We agreed to the Jack Daniel's giveaway when he does it," Jordan added. "Only Friday's has Woody and only Friday's has the famous Jack Daniel's Grill."

"T.G.I. Friday's was way cool even before they agreed to let me give away Jack Daniel's burgers and Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwiches," said Woody. "But I need your help to win this bet. I need you to be my fan on Facebook. If you're one of the first half a million to be my Facebook fan, we'll celebrate together in mid-October with a free Jack Daniel's burger or a Jack Daniel's Chicken sandwich."

Sounds pretty simple, right? Just become a fan of this Woody fellow on Facebook, and you get a free sandwich. Well, it is simple! So, with me having Facebook, I decided to become a fan of this Woody gentleman.

This is where the story goes bad. Haha.

Not only do I find out he has already surpassed the half-million fans needed to give out free burgers, but I also find out you need to be 21 years old to obtain the coupon for the burger. FML, right?! Well, not really. After all, it's just a sandwich. A delicious, mouthwatering, Jackburger..........damn it! Well, it's no big deal. What in the hell is a Jackburger, anyways? Oh well, my luck, I suppose.

Apparently, the fan contest has been raised to a million fans who can get free burgers from TGI Friday's, so if you're interested and have Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/fanwoody. There, you can register for a burger! Or not, if you don't want. Or can't, like me.

Life sucks sometimes. :D


Random Thoughts For The Evening.

Alright, so lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking. Not a good thing when it comes to me, I realize, but nonetheless, I've been thinking a lot. And there's something that's been bothering me a lot lately, and I don't know if anybody really reads this blog, but I feel I need to get this off of my chest, and this is really the only means for me to do so. So, here we go.

Ok, let's start out with a question. I'll try to explain this as well as I can, but here goes: have you ever been in a situation, and then that situation happened to you again, but only the roles in the situation were reversed? That probably wasn't a great explanation, but I'll try to explain better again.

Alright, a few years ago, I, quite frankly and honestly, met a girl who's been nothing but amazing to me. We don't have a ton in common, but I truly thought it was one of those situations where opposites attracted, and I took quite a bit of time to get to know her even. We became incredibly close and we hung out and talked on the phone or on the computer for hours on end. However, when the time came for me to actually ask her out, she said no. Now, I don't hate her and I consider her one of my closest friends, but at the time, it really hurt me. And to be honest, I still really like her. But I guess after so long of liking her and nothing happening between us relationship-wise, I've grown to accept that we won't be together, at least as boyfriend and girlfriend. But that was a huge learning experience for me, definitely.

Odd as it may seem, this situation is happening with me......again. Except the roles are reversed. I wonder if M. Night Shyamalan is directing my life, because this has been a huge frickin' twist.

Long story short, it's now me that's not interested in the relationship. Well, I wouldn't say I'm not interested in a relationship, but...I don't know. There's this girl, who's pretty much everything I could want. She's sweet, funny, incredibly easy to talk to, and super trustworthy. However, for whatever reason, I have denied her the opportunity to date me. And, in all honesty, I'm not sure why.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but I don't know. It makes sense to me, I guess. I'm kinda nervous about getting into a relationship to begin with, and the fact that there's a girl out there that really likes me that much is kinda scary to me, I guess. Frankly, I know I'm an imperfect person. I likely screw up on a constant basis, and sometimes, as self-depricating as this will probably sound, I honestly don't know what girls see in me. Well, maybe not to that extent, but I'm just super nervous about getting into a relationship, I suppose.

This blog hasn't really made much sense, I realize, and no offense is meant to the girls referred to in this blog, because I truly do love and care about them and I have no bad intentions with this blog. I realize there's no real solution to my situation, but I just felt the need to vent about things and as I said, I have a blog to do it in, so ha! :P But anyways, here's to better days, and thanks for reading.

Stay sweet.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Alright, first off, I realize it's been nearly a month since I last blogged. Whatever. So, you're probably wondering (or likely not wondering) where I've been. Well, the answer is simple: I have been delving deep into the collegiate experience. Basically, I've been at college. Pretty wild, eh?

Now, I'd first like to state that this Asher Roth fellow who talks about loving college.............eh, well, college is nothing like Mr. Roth describes it. There is no partying, girls getting completely naked, and no asses being danced off. Simply put, it's pretty much like high school, minus the bullies and with longer classes. Fun, eh? Well, actually, it is pretty enjoyable.

I have four classes a week, all at night, and all on different nights, so it's fairly entertaining. Currently, I'm taking English on Monday, Math on Tuesday, Sociology on Wednesday, and Public Speaking on Thursday. English is actually pretty fun. Math is frankly, fairly boring, but when in the hell has Math ever been fun? People don't wake up and are like "I'm really bored. I'm going to do some math!" Sociology is pretty cool. It's the most laid back class pretty much ever. And I'm taking it with my mom, so that's interesting. Public Speaking is great as well. Everyone in there's super nice, the teacher's cool, and it's a fairly easy class (so far, I hate to jinx it. :P). The only thing is that I'm not a big fan of giving speeches, which you think I would enjoy if you knew me. But I'm just not a fan of speeches. But nonetheless, I digress. That rhymed. Unintentionally.

So, that's pretty much what I've been up to. I'm enjoying college so far, and hopefully it doesn't suck in the future. But that's all for now. Enjoy the weekend.