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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Def Poetry Jam #whatever.

So, I finally wrote something. I broke out of the writer's block I was in for awhile and I came up with something. I call it Aftermath. Not really sure what it's about. It just kinda randomly came to me so I wrote it down. I guess I would say it's about a town being destroyed and someone's memories of it, but I guess you can look at it however. I wrote it though, so you can trust me. ;) Anyways, hope this doesn't suck.


The clouds engulfed the sun
As the people stopped and stared
The streets echoed their silence
Desparation in the air
The sky was rather glum
Potential death from above
As the bandoliers lamented
On girls they once loved

Oh, what a day that was

The silence turned to madness
As panic came to mind
Good feelings changed to sadness
A mystery to find
The shockwaves shook the framework
Of our beloved town
Now we must accept the loss
Of the only home we'd found

Oh, what a day that was

It was a slightly dark day
On July thirty-first
To some it was the best
While others thought it was the worst
Decimation as a good thing?
I will never understand
Though it seems all hope is lost
The future's in our hands

Oh, what a day that was

Though this happened long ago
The images remain
Like a made for TV movie
Plays and replays in my brain
Though I knew I couldn't save them
I'll be damned if I didn't try
But in all my time on Earth
I'll never know the reasons why

Oh, what a day that was

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