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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hi there. So, this blog is actually going to be somewhat serious for once, which is odd for me, I realize, but last weekend, something kind of odd happened that gave me a really weird feeling. I know this sounds like it doesn't make sense whatsoever, but I'll explain.

As you may know, I work at a nursing home in town. I don't actually see the actual residents there all that much, because my main job is washing dishes, but I still see them enough to know who a lot of them are. Well, one day last weekend, as I was getting off of work, I walked up to the front of the building to use the restroom before I left. As I was walking up to the front, I saw one of the residents in a wheelchair, just sitting and staring out the front door. And, naturally, I wonder what was going through his mind. What would go through a person's mind if they were sent, for one reason or another, to a nursing home? I'm sure a lot of people have gotten used to it after being there for an extended period of time, but I couldn't imagine after so many years of being at home, being sent to a place with a bunch of strangers.

So, this blog didn't really have much of a point, I suppose. I just had been thinking about this for awhile, and it has, as stupid as this probably sounds, changed my perspective on life in a really odd sort of way. I'm not even sure why, but it was an odd experience to say the least, and I won't soon forget it.


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