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Friday, October 23, 2009

You're Still Young, But Your Mind Has Grown Old, It Seems.

So, I've just been doing a large amount of thinking lately, which is never a good thing. As a good friend of mine stated, "overthinking leads to doubt, which you want to avoid." So yeah, overthinking is best avoided. However, when bored, and with nothing better to do, what else is there to do but think? At least for me. If I try to not worry, I end up overthinking and I start worrying about every damn single thing.

Take love for example. I used to always overthink when it comes to love, which is usually my downfall. When I like a girl, I begin to worry. I fear I'm not good enough, or that I'll lose the person that I'm with. Or that the person I'm with isn't who I should be with, or something like that. Something ridiculous of that sort. And when I'm was in relationships, I used to think I'd lose them, or that they'd find somebody better and leave me or..........all that stuff. Thankfully, I think I'm finally getting over that. Thank God. I guess, when it comes to love, I just haven't had tremendous luck. And because of my bad luck with relationships and love, I'm just kinda afraid of talking to girls. Which sounds very Junior High of me, I guess, but it's just the way I am.

So, sure, I like a couple of girls right now, but my confidence has been nearly shot down, so I'm scared as hell to go up to a girl that I like that I haven't talked to much and ask them to hang out or whatever. Thankfully, I'm getting over being so worrisome about myself and I'm beginning to realize that most girls won't judge me and will be nice, which sounds foolish and completely idiotic of me to begin realizing, but for somebody who hasn't had many relationships, it's huge for me. I'm realizing that the worst that can happen to me is that they'll say no. And if so, I just move on. There's plenty of fish in the sea, so I just have to.......keep fishing.



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