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Sunday, October 18, 2009

We Smoke As We Shoot The Bird.

Greetings, world. So, I have a bit of an interesting story to tell. It's about me. Naturally. Hope you enjoy it.

Well, as most of you know, I recently got my driver's license. As most of you also know, I'm nearly 19 years old. In society, the stereotypical age to get your license is sixteen. Well, needless to say, I was a few years late on that. But you know the saying "better late than never"? Well, I lived that phrase.

A few years ago, I took Driver's Ed. You know, the class that everybody takes to get their permit so people will think they're legit? Yeah, that class. And, needless to say, I wasn't the greatest driver in the world when I started. But who is, really? So, I went through the 3 weeks of Driver's Ed, and I got a B on the class part, and a C- on driving. Yeah, I kinda sucked. But passing is passing, and that's how I roll.

So now, with my permit handy, I was ready to take on the world. I was prepared to get my license. So later that year, I took my driving test. For the first of four times. Obviously, I failed, hence why I took it 3 times after that. As for why, it oddly enough wasn't for parallel parking. Irony. Well, not really irony, but whatever. I failed for two reasons: the first was because I turned into the wrong lane while turning onto a one way street, and the second is difficult for me to explain simply, so I'll just say I failed and leave it at that. Nonetheless, I was bummed. But you know that at first if you don't succeed, then try again, right?

Well, I tried again a few times.

The second time, I was feeling pretty confident. I had everything down, and I felt ready to take on the world. I knew what I messed up last time, and I was determined to kick the driving test on it's ass. Plus I had a new person giving me the test this time, so I was confident as can be. Well, it's funny how confidence can cause you to fail! Which I did. I screwed up parallel parking. Go figure, right? So, yeah, I failed twice.

Onward to time three. This was nearly a year after I failed the second time, so I suppose you could say I've driven a lot since then. So, yeah, I was confident. I drove around virtually that entire morning, so I was feeling pretty confident. Well, thanks to one small screwup, I still didn't have my license. I went a little too fast in a school zone, and on that day, I apparently wasn't qualified to pilot a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer. So, I took my nearly-expired permit out of the BMV and made my walk of shame out to the car.

So, now on to time four. Which was conveniently scheduled 4 days before my permit expires. It's down to this: either get my license, or I have to wait 60/90/however many days to get my permit again, and then I have to go through all of this trouble again.

Well, I didn't screw up this time. Oddly enough, the lady giving the driving test didn't make me parallel park, which was dope. So, I just kinda casually drove around downtown, and made it back to the license branch, and she says "you did fine" and got out of the car. I was mind blown. I had to ask "so, I passed then?" and she was like "yep." So stoked.

So, that's the story of how I got my license. It took quite a long time, but as I said, "better late than never", eh?

Have a tremendous day.


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