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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Panic On The Streets Of Birmingham

Ok, this blog has nothing to do with panic, streets, or Birmingham. You caught me. You feel better? Alright good.

Well, this blog was a paper I created as a part of a bit of a competition between myself and my friend, Drew. We were bored last year in Graphic Design and decided to both create papers that basically did the best job at being incredibly repetitive.

I think my paper accomplished the task. I shall post Drew's paper later, but for now, I'll share mine with you.


Transcendence is all about transcending. When you are transcending, you are partaking in the action of transcendence. Transcendentalists often are the “transcending parties,” so to speak. If you partake in the act of transcending, you are a transcendentalist. Most transcendentalists believe that non-believers of transcendentalism are useless. According to transcendentalists, non-believers of transcendentalism have no use on Earth. In the transcendental world, non-transcendentalists have no use on this planet.
Anyways, I’ve said too much. Too much has been said by me. I have a tendency to get off topic. Hot Topic. Topics are often very topical. Topical islands in Jamaica. Wait, it’s tropical. That was a mistake. I messed up, so it was a mistake. If you make a mistake, you are doing something wrong. Doing something wrong often results in mistakes. Mistakes are caused by doing something wrong. Doing something wrong. Repeating yourself is a bad habit that isn’t easily cured. If you are repetitive, people may realize that you repeat yourself constantly. Repeating yourself can get exponentially repetitive. Repetition is extremely repetitive to people who may find, after much examination and studying, that you have a tendency to repeat yourself constantly. Constantine.
Look at sportsmen for a good example. A good example of this belief is sportsmen. Sportsmen present the present situation in a manner that makes for a good example of what I am trying to explain. When you partake in the act of playing sports, you are a sportsman. If someone plays sports, you can directly assume that they are a sportsman. Playing sports qualifies you for the category of sportsman. Sports, man. Sportsmen can also be called athletes. An alternative name for sportsmen is athletes. If a person is a sportsman, they may also be considered an athlete, though this is confusing to many. Too many.
By using logic in arguments, the chances of you being victorious in the argument you are arguing for or against increases. By increasing your chances of victory in the argument, you put yourself in a much better position to win arguments. Arguments are often won or lost by the usage of logical logic that logically will help you be logical in an argument. I’m sure that most people will agree with that logic, because if you don’t logically agree with my logic, then you are being illogical, which shows a lack of logical logic. Illogic is unacceptable, meaning it is not logical to use in an argument involving the usage of logic.

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