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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Introduction To The Craziest Thing You'll Ever Read

Alright, so I'm bored right now, and I've kinda been going through a bunch of old things I have saved on my flash drive from my Graphic Design class last year, and one thing caught my eye. Allow me to explain.

One day, out of boredom in my Graphic Design class, I decided to mess around in Photoshop. Little did I know that the picture I made would form the basis for a nearly 1500 word essay. What I did was created a random jumble of pictures. A smorgasbord, if you will. In this random photo collage I made on Photoshop, was pictures of Sarah Palin, The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., and a photo of the city of Pompeii, Italy.

For those of you who don't know, Pompeii is a very interesting city for me. It was destroyed by a volcano in the year 79 AD. When I say "destroyed", I mean it literally was destroyed. It was covered in ash and cinder for hundreds of years, until it was discovered by accident (I forget when and by whom. Look it up online if you really want to know. This ain't Wikipedia. :p) But basically, I've always been interested in Pompeii, because it's a city that was destroyed nearly 2000 years ago, and it's still not completely been fixed back to normal. So that interested me.

The insanity of this idea was created out of a ridiculous Photoshop project I explained two paragraphs earlier. I came up with a crazy idea: "What if Sarah Palin and Albert Hammond Jr. started a project to help reconstruct the city of Pompeii?" It started out as kind of a parody of charity foundations founded by celebrities, I guess, and it evolved into this full-blown paper. It was crazy.

My original idea was to make this "Reconstruction Plan" roughly as long as the printed copy of the Bailout Plan. I quickly realized this would be a difficult task. So basically, my insanity and my imagination created a union between a former Vice Presidential candidate and a guitarist in a band leading the garage rock revival. The two would team up to help fix the city of Pompeii, Italy.

If you think that I'm crazy, don't be alarmed. It only shows the fact you're still sane. :D


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