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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Poseidon, Look At Me. Whoa, Oh.

Hello there. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break. What's not to like about it? Food. Football. No school. Well, no school if you're going to school. Though I guess if you aren't going to school, you still have no school on Thanksgiving break, but you'd think it wouldn't be all that different. Nonetheless, I had a solid Thanksgiving break. I enjoyed the time off and it was good to get a break from school. However, I had an odd experience that I would like to share.

Yesterday, I was listening to my iPod (60 GB classic FTW!) with this cheap little battery powered speaker that hooks up to the headphone jack. After I finished listening to it.......wait, I guess I wasn't listening to it, so I went to take it off of the speaker, and what happens next?

The headphone jack of the speaker breaks off into my iPod. Son of a bitch.

However, I come up with the idea of using some staples to try and get it out. That doesn't work. So, I think "Hmm......the staples are too thin! We need something thick, yet small!" After this thought runs into my head, I think of using a sewing needle. Well, I don't just think about using one, I actually do use one. Despite my supposedly brilliant thinking (according to absolutely nobody but me), the headphone jack is still stuck inside of my iPod. At this point, I'm freaking out. Well, not really, but I get upset about the situation. Well, not upset, but whatever. Nevermind.

Later, my father (thanks Dad! *thumbs up*) eventually does get the headphone jack out of my iPod. Not sure how, but he did it. He went out in the garage, and came back inside with my iPod, which was lacking a broken headphone jack stuck inside of it. Maybe he used magic and made it levitate out of the iPod. The world may never know, I suppose.

So, this story was fairly pointless, but I'm bored, and that's what was on my mind, so here you are.


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