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Back in 1974, corruption and lies were running rampant in the streets. To put an end to this corruption, one man was put in charge of the team that was given this job. That man is of no relation to me.

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Greetings, and welcome to my blog. I am the main person who operates this blog. Ok, I'm the only person who operates this blog. But I was trying to sound professional. Anyways, this blog's really about nothing. Just my thoughts on whatever comes to my mind. Hope it doesn't suck. Haha.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No One Gonna Take Me Alive.

So, it's December. Hard to believe, really. At least for me. It seems like a few days ago I started college, and I'll have completed my first semester in a couple of weeks, so that's amazing. It's crazy to me though that this year is nearly over. So much has happened this year, but overall this year has been tremendous. Last year was pretty good, but as most people know, it wasn't an easy year for me, losing my grandmother and my brother, but I still tried to stay positive and had a good year overall. Thankfully, this year has been overall great. Nothing horrible has happened this year, which I'm absolutely grateful for, and I'm happy with my life overall as of this moment. Well, I suppose some things could be better, but overall I can't complain. I'm happy with the way this year has gone, but it isn't over yet. I've still got a month left to kick some ass, take some names, and finish this year off right. Not necessarily in that order. Ok, I don't think that "not necessarily in that order" really made sense after what I said, but whatever. I digress. Carpe Diem, mutha'uckas. :D

Well, I didn't really have much to say in this blog, but I just wanted to vent about some stuff and get this month of blogging started off right. Mission accomplished. Possibly. I'll let you be the judge of that.

Be blessed. :)


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