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Back in 1974, corruption and lies were running rampant in the streets. To put an end to this corruption, one man was put in charge of the team that was given this job. That man is of no relation to me.

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Greetings, and welcome to my blog. I am the main person who operates this blog. Ok, I'm the only person who operates this blog. But I was trying to sound professional. Anyways, this blog's really about nothing. Just my thoughts on whatever comes to my mind. Hope it doesn't suck. Haha.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

I'll Take You To The Seven Seas of Rhye.

Hello world. I need to get back in the blogging phase. Because I never do. Or it seems as though I never do.

Now, to answer the all important question: where have I been? Well, obviously not on my blog. I'd go as far to say that if my blog were a trophy, it would be covered in dust and cobwebs. I've neglected it. I'm a terrible blogowner. Woe is me. Eh, whatever, I'm getting back into the blogging mode. It's like riding a bike, you don't forget. Then again, I never learned to ride a bike. Not sure why. Just issues with the balancing and all. My mom promised me a copy of Paper Mario if I learned to ride a bike when I was in elementary school, and Paper Mario is one of my favorite games ever, but that didn't convince me. So I basically gave up. That's right, kids. If something's too difficult to do, then give up. It's impossible to fail if you never try. Ok, bad advice, but I'm on a roll, and this blog is semi-decently long, so don't stop me.

Crap, now I've stopped. Oh well. This blog turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I basically just winged it. Go me. I'll be back with more at some point. It's time to get back into the mode of blogging. I owe it to you, the reader. Or maybe I don't. Whatever. I'll be back with a new blog soonish.

Don't give up on me.



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