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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Pumpkins Album Stuff.

So, I'm excited about the new Pumpkins album, despite the weird title. The songs that are supposedly going to be released (aka the 1st 4 tracks) sounds like they're great. According to producer Kerry Brown, when the 1st song is going to be released from Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, the Pumpkins new (and free) album that'll be released one track at a time, "is in God's hands." While awaiting the 1st track, by doing a little bit of research from Kerry's Twitter page, where he frequently posts videos and pics of the Pumpkins in studio, 2 of the 1st songs to be released are going to be A Song For A Song and Widow Wake My Mind, both of which sound great live from what I've heard of them. Here are some live videos of the two songs being performed by Spirits in the Sky, a Sky Saxon tribute band:

Also, follow Kerry Brown on Twitter for more info on the Pumpkins album: twitter.com/studiodog

And check out his blog on here: glittercop.blogspot.com

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