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Peace and love.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Rush.

August Rush is a good movie. Anybody seen it? Robin Williams? Terrence Howard? That.........kid who's the main actor? It's pretty good. Check it out. Oh, and happy August to everyone. This is my first blog of the month. Pretty hard hitting stuff. I actually had been meaning to post this on the first of this month, but well, y'know. Procrastination and what have you. Happens.

Anyways, I'm at my house and incredibly bored, hence why I'm blogging. Heh. Anywho, I was listening to my iTunes playlist on shuffle, and heard a pretty sweet transition between two totally different songs. The first song was "Wishing (If I Had A Photograph of You) by A Flock of Seagulls (haters gonna hate.), and immediately after that song finished, it went to "The Hero's Return" by Pink Floyd. Probably nobody cares about this but me, but I thought it was fully awesome. Because the Flock of Seagulls song, is incredibly 80s sounding with super epic keyboard and this generic kinda 80s beat (pretty much as you would expect a song of theirs to sound), but then the beat was all that was playing at the end, and then it went into the Floyd song, which starts with a kinda cool drum thing and then an awesome sounding guitar riff, which was cool to me.

Speaking of Pink Floyd, the album the Final Cut is quite possibly one of the most depressing albums ever. And I have both Joy Division albums. But yeah, this album is super sad. It's basically an album about war and everything negative about war, which there really isn't anything positive about it, and the last song is about nuclear holocaust. I mean, it's a great album (actually one of my favorites by Pink Floyd, though it's kinda unknown), but damn. It's kinda a buzzkill when you're in a great mood. It's got some really sweet music and songs though, and the lyrics are really good as well. Definitely recommended, but it's quite a downer.

Oh, and another thing of note, I'm off of work this week. Kinda pumped on that. Well, I should say I worked on Sunday and I don't have to work again until this coming Sunday. It's pretty cool. I haven't really done a whole lot. Just pretty much hung out at home, bored, really. Listened to music and blogged, as this blog could likely tell you. But I am going to Indiana Beach later this week, so that's exciting. It's basically an amusement park that's about an hour and a half or so away from where I live. It's not as legit as say, Six Flags, but it's an amusement park with rides and all that jazz, so it'll suffice. Rock and roll.

Well, I'm done with this blog for now. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of August, and I shall return at a date in the future with more blog fun.

Peace and love.

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