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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sometimes I Feel So Happy, Sometimes I Feel So Sad.

The Velvet Underground. Super underrated band. Yes, I've gotten into a habit of naming my blogs after song lyrics. So? Anyways, yeah, that's a good band. The song is Pale Blue Eyes. It's in Adventureland, one of my favorite movies, actually. So that earns it bonus points. Street cred, if you will. But anyways, moving right along.

What is the point of this blog? Well, as I mentioned, it's a way for me to vent without having to have people listen to me venting. Haha. :P It's a'ight though. But basically, I just use this blog. (Note: that last sentence was meant to have a bit more to it, but I'll just leave it like that. Incompletion FTW! ;D)

To be brutally honest with myself, as I've learned is good to do sometimes from watching reruns of Dr. Phil during afternoons with nothing better to do, I have admittedly become incredibly distant. Pretty much, I've gone into a bit of a self-induced isolation, for lack of a better term. Keeping to myself and not really keeping in touch as much as I probably should. And it's really stupid. Haha. So, if it's really stupid, why in the hell am I doing it? I honestly don't know. It doesn't do me a world of good at all, so it makes no sense as to why I'm doing it. So, if it's not helping me whatsoever, and in turn, making things worse for myself, why don't I stop it? Well................alright. Consider it done.

That's it?


Well, not quite.

I just feel absolutely terrible, because I've been distant towards the people I love most. Friends, family, people in general, basically. And I know that being ignored by someone who's a close friend/family member/human isn't the best feeling in the world. Personally, it really sucks. And yet, I'm projecting that onto people that mean the world to me. And I have absolutely no reason for doing so. It's ruining my relationships with people, or at least it has or is starting to with a very small few people. I just don't want it to get absolutely out of control and ruin my life.

I'm tired of being a hermit and ignoring those close to me. God, that sounds horrible when said like that, but hopefully they'll understand. If not, I guess I don't blame them, because I've been a totally reprehensible human being the last couple of months. This isn't really for anyone in particular. Or one person, I should say. Just about a larger group of people (aka: family, friends, as I said). So basically, I'm sorry for being a massive tool as of late, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for my incredibly stupid seclusion as of late. I'm going to break out of that shell.

This blog was rather depressing, and really stream of consciousness, so I'm just going to end it for now. The blog, I mean. But I don't want to end it on a depressing note, because that isn't me. So, here's a song I've gotten into as of late. It's by Brandon Flowers from the Killers. Really good band. It's called Crossfire. Oddly enough, it sounds exactly like the Killers. Which doesn't make sense as to why he's going solo, but eh, it is what it is. Here's the song:

Peace and love, everyone. :)


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