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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm A Driver, I'm A Winner. Things Are Gonna Change, I Can Feel It.

Remember what I said in my last blog? Yeah. Here's more of that promised debauchery. ;)

So, good news: today was the last day of this semester of college for me. I've finished two semesters of college thus far, which I think is technically a year of college. Go me. Sure, it's a community college, not..........say, Canisius College, but I mean, it's still college, right? Thankfully, I've done well in all of my classes so far and I haven't had any of the dreaded "difficult teachers." I don't know if they're really dreaded, but regardless, all of my teachers thus far have been very cool.

This first year of college has been interesting, though. I've made a few new friends, and of course learned a whole lot of interesting things. I bet you didn't know that the definition of altruism is "doing something with the intent of helping others." Yep. Totally learned that in Psychology. Maybe you did too. If so, cool. But, anyways, I digress. College has been a pretty fun experience thus far and I actually can't wait until the fall to take classes. No, I'm not crazy. What to do now, though? What am I going to do, now that college is done and I'm out until August? Well, I could take a class over the summer.

Yeah, not gonna happen.

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do over the summer. I'm just taking a bit of a wait and see approach. Probably I shall attempt to hang with a large amount of people I don't really get to hang with often. It'll definitely be interesting, and I plan on making this summer a blast.


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