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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's A Crowd Outside Calling For Our Lives.

Hey guys. So, yeah. Um.........I'm back? Yeah. I'm back. Sup? Well, I kinda lost interest in blogging, and frankly really haven't had much to blog about, but it's been about three weeks, and I have a few things to blog about. So this blog will be somewhat long. Or at least longer than my last blog. Which granted, was only a paragraph, but whatever. Small victories, people.

So, if I haven't been blogging, then what have I been up to? Well, in all honesty, not as much as I'd like to admit. Really not a whole lot. Sucks. Yesterday, however, I did go to Indianapolis for pretty much the entire day. Which was pretty awesome. The reason I went, not so much awesome. Had to go to schedule a surgery. What for? Well, let's just say that if I were to tell you in detail, or even not really in detail, you would regret me telling you. Let's go with that. Anyways, I had to go there and get a surgery scheduled. A slightly more major surgery than my last ones, but a surgery nonetheless. And if memory serves correctly, it will be in August sometime. Probably around the beginning of August. Which is still a ways away, but regardless. As I said in my now-deleted Tumblr page, I'm actually fairly nervous about my surgery, actually. I have faith that all will go well though and I'll be back to my normal self in a couple of weeks, so hopes for all of that.

I've also recently got back in touch with somebody. Someone whom I haven't had a substantial amount of contact with since I graduated, but I've always been close with, even though we're literally nothing alike. We hung out this past weekend (well, only on Friday, but still) and I had a fantastic time. Even though all we did was rent movies, buy candy, and then watch the aforementioned rented movies, I still had a really enjoyable time. Will we ever end up dating or in a relationship? I really could care less. I'm just glad we're still close and that we can hang out and all that jazz.

Other than that, really I've just been working and enjoying time off from my classes, which has been nice. I've also been getting out of the house and hanging with people, which has also been good, as numerous blogs complaining about how I wanted to get out and hang out will attest to. But, alas, that's pretty much essentially it. There's other events that have happened, but those are the two that I wanted to mention most. Both happened within the last week, so they're fresh in my memory. So, there's that too. But whatever.

Anyways, I'm out.

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